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Mr. Shinozaki becomes rep of Sophia Univ.'s new NY office


Mr. Leo Shinozaki, a board member of the Sophia University Alumni Association, New York Chapter (New York Sophia-kai), has assumed the post of representative of Sophia University's new office in New York.

Sophia launched its office in the Big Apple in April 2015, but it was based in the former representative's private residence. The new office, launched on June 15 in a rental building, is a completely independent foothold, heightening expectations that the interaction between the university's operations in New York and the New York Sophia-kai's activity will be enhanced dramatically.

Among the primary missions of the office are to extend support to students, faculty members and staff at Sophia when they visit and stay in New York, as well as to work as a liaison for U.S. universities, research organizations and other bodies with some links with Sophia.

The new office is conveniently located near the Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. The windowless office, which Mr. Shinozaki half-jokingly calls a "jail cell," is not so spacious. But nevertheless, it is an ideal working environment as its common space is armed with conference rooms, a kitchen, a copier and floor staff, including an IT expert.

Mr. Shinozaki appeared thrilled about his new mission.

"Both as representative of the university's office and as a board member of the New York Sophia-kai, I would like to step up efforts to work as a bridge between Sophia graduates who are active in various fields outside Japan and students who hope to follow in their footsteps, while advancing the cause of the Sophia Global Family drive," he said.

NY Office Contact Info:
Sophia University New York Office
733 Third Avenue, Floor 15, New York, NY 10017
Phone: +1-646-590-5893

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