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Dusseldorfer Sophia-kai in Germany enjoyed the annual New Year Party


Dusseldorfer Sophia-kai in Germany had our annual New Year Party on January 28th (Sat) in a popular Japanese restaurant in the down-town.
More than 40 Sophians and co. got together and enjoyed tasty Japanese New Year dishes, of course including Sushi, and drinks in a 'all you can eat and drink' style from 17:00 until late evening, followed by Karaoke near by the restaurant until late.

We have always Sophians on our New Year Party, not only from Dusseldorf area, but also from another parts of Germany. This year we have Sophians from neighbor countries, such as Holland, Luxembourg, Poland, too.

On top of that, we have had two special members who are 'still to be' Sophians. The two of 'to be Sophians from coming April' who live in Dusseldorf also joined us! We have a great variety of generation indeed.

This is also to report. Our University will celebrate it's 100th Anniversary in 2013. While our Dusseldorfer Sophia-kai had been donating for this great and memorial celebration since years already, we again could get kind donations from our Sphians
on the New Year Party this year. We are curious to see the 3rd donator's name plate with our Dusseldorfer Sophia-kai in the lobby of 2 goh-kan in our Yotsuya campus.

Ichiro Arai (1981: Department of German Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies)



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