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Washington DC Sophia-kai and ICU Joint Event


The Sophia University Alumni Association DC Chapter (Washington DC Sophia-Kai) and its ICU counterpart co-hosted a potluck party for the first time in three years on October 20, 2019. Each participating family brought their own delicious home-cooked food items along with their children clad in Halloween costumes. Participants from both universities had a great time mingling with each other in a cozy at-home environment.

During the event Mr. Howard Stone, a former exchange student at Sophia University, who was also later assigned to Sophia as a Mansfield Fellow gave a presentation. He shared his own observed differences between the American and Japanese police forces and government systems based on these experiences in Japan. Mr. Stone also facilitated a lively academic discussion on Japan's differences from other Asian countries in the digital field. Even children, who are bridges between Japan and the world in the future, joyfully participated in the question and answer session.

Additionally, an ICU representative entertained us with an interactive shakuhachi performance. Because both adults and children alike enjoyed the time spent together, and three and a half hours went by in the blink of an eye. I am currently here in the DC-area as a graduate student attending Georgetown University. This was a great opportunity for me to get acquainted with Sophia graduates and their families living in the area.

Takamichi Harada (FGS 2019)



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