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SUAA Emergency Relief Fund for Sophia University Students (Request)


上智大学ソフィア会 会員の皆様

会長  戸川 宏一







 第二は、ソフィア会として、「ソフィア会 新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大に伴う学生支援募金」をスタート致します。今後継続して発生が見込まれる、家計の急変、生活費を得ることの困難な経済的支援を必要とする学生(留学生含む)を対象とした、募金活動を行うことに致します。この募金の詳細は、別紙のとおりです。


以 上

ソフィア会 新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大に伴う学生支援募金


  • 対象:

  • 資金使途:

  • 使途名称:

  • 募集金額:

  • 募集期間:

 「SOPHIA未来募金」のホームページ → http://sophia100.jp/contribution/index.html
http://sophia100.jp/tax/index.html ※法人の方は、下記をご覧ください。 http://sophia100.jp/contribution/corporation.html

 総務局ソフィア連携室 募金担当


SUAA Emergency Relief Fund for Sophia University Students (Request)

I sincerely appreciate your steady Sophia University Alumni Association (SUAA) cooperation.
Furthermore, I empathize with how difficult the spread of COVID-19 is making your daily lives.

As you are all aware, the rampant global COVID-19 outbreak is having a major impact on our social life. In this kind of state of emergency, and with the national administration having extended its state of emergency declaration, the future is entirely uncertain and worrisome. I am sure that even as you each also feel uneasy on a daily basis, you are sincerely hoping that the COVID-19 outbreak issue will come to an end soon. I share that same hope.

As the media has reported, universities have had to cancel their graduation and entrance ceremonies this year; there is no prospect of classes on campus resuming; and the transition to online classes has become a major issue. Sophia University, our alma mater, is also facing a similar problem. Some students have been forced to drop out of school since they face serious conditions, such as a decrease in their family's financial circumstances or the inability to earn living expenses because their part-time jobs have been terminated.

Earlier, the Chancellor of Sophia School Corporation and the President of Sophia University jointly requested the cooperation of our alumni and others as follows: "We are asking alumni to extend support to students whose families are experiencing sudden economic changes, who are facing difficulty earning living expenses because of the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as for support for services they need in the online class environment." President Yoshiaki Terumichi has also spoken about the current serious situation, and how valuable SUAA cooperation is to the University.

With a wish to help Sophia University students as much as possible in this emergency situation, we have decided to provide the following two crucial forms of support.

First of all, we have decided to donate ten million yen from the 2020 fiscal year SUAA budget to Sophia University as emergency relief funds for students. These resources will be used to cover a portion of the Livelihood Support for Students with Reduced Part-time Job Incomes (100,000 yen per individual, for an estimated 1,500 recipients, scheduled to be disbursed at the end of May) which Sophia University is now hastening to implement and for which international students also qualify. If this situation becomes prolonged and additional support for sudden cost of living changes become necessary, a separate contribution will be considered.

Secondly, SUAA is launching the SUAA Fund-Raising Campaign for Student Support in the Wake of the COVID-19 Outbreak. Our fund-raising campaign will provide financial support for students (including international students) who are in need of financial support because their families are suddenly struggling economically and who are having difficulty obtaining living expenses, both of which are expected to continue into the future. The details of this fund-raising campaign are shown on the following page.

I repeat myself, and although I am afraid that all SUAA members are facing this difficult situation, I hope you will consider contributing to our fund-raising campaign to support Sophia University students.

The SUAA Fund-Raising Campaign for Student Support in the Wake of the COVID-19 Outbreak

(Please contribute to the University promoted Sophia Fund for the Future)

  • Targets:
    SUAA members (Contributions from corporations and organizations also accepted)
    SUAA registered organizations (undergraduate faculty and departmental alumni groups, SUAA branches around the globe, and various other SUAA alumni groups)

  • Use of Fund:
    To provide financial support to students whose families are struggling economically and who face difficulty obtaining living expenses

  • Name of Fund:
    SUAA Fund-Raising Campaign for Student Support in the Wake of the COVID-19 Outbreak
    *These qualify as Sophia Fund for the Future contributions.

  • Amount of Contribution:
    No minimum amount has been established.

  • Time Frame:
    For the time being, this is not fixed.

To prevent possible COVID-19 exposure and infection from leaving home, we offer the following ways to contribute.

◎Make an online contribution
 Sophia Fund for the Future website → http://sophia100.jp/contribution/index.html
*In the space provided, please specify the purpose of the contribution as
"SUAA Fundraising Campaign for Student Support in the Wake of the COVID-19 Outbreak" (You may shorten it)
*These qualify as tax deductible Sophia Fund for the Future contributions
*Corporations, please refer to the following link.

[Direct inquiries concerning this procedure to]
 Sophia University, Fundraising Office

SUAA Secretariat


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