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Midsummer Luncheon Party (Sophia Alumni Association, Hong Kong)


Sophians in Hong Kong gathered at lunch time on August 25.

The venue was The Hong Kong Cricket Club which is a membership club having 160 years of its history. Thanks to Sumiko Iwata-san (1974, Department of German Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies), her partner Alex reserved the party room and 31 participants enjoyed nice food and atmosphere of the club.
Among the various alumni participated, one came to Hong Kong just a week ago. Another was about to leave Hong Kong in a week after spending more than a year. It was her first time attending the party, and regretted that she should have known this community earlier.
Moreover, there were two Hong Kong local Sophians, Siu-san and Patrick, who came along with their family also warmed up the party.

At the end of the reunion, we declared to contribute to the 100th anniversary of the alma mater which is to come next year and the meeting was adjourned.

Osamu Asaka
(1970, Department of Luso-Brazilian Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies)



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