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Ireland Sophian's Association Lunch Party Report, September 2021


Six members of the Ireland Sophian's Association met for lunch at a restaurant in Dublin city centre on an unusually warm Saturday afternoon in September. It was our first time meeting face-to-face in almost two years. Rather appropriately for the Sophian's Association, we met at a restaurant called Sophie's with a lovely rooftop terrace where we enjoyed a delicious meal and a pleasant afternoon together. We are also grateful to our "at-large" member Yuta Kiyotani, now living in Florida, who kindly treated us to a bottle of wine. It's nice to know that we are still connected despite the distance.

While thinking of our former chairwoman Mitsue Walker, who sadly passed away this year, and all of the wonderful times we had together, we also discussed the future of the Ireland Sophian's Association and are planning to hold another event soon!                     

William Coughlan (Faculty of Liberal Arts, 2012-13 Exchange Programme)



- 秋晴れのランチ会(10月14日)




Lunch time and video message recording,
IE Sophia-Kai, 18 Feb 2023


上智大学学長 曄道佳明先生と葛西利衣子さん


Welcomed in Dublin Professor Yoshiaki Terumichi,
President of Sophia University and Ms Rieko Kasai
(Top Global University Project Office, Bureau of General Affairs, Sophia University)

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