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Irish Sophian Association - August 2019


Ireland is approaching the end of the summer. We were struck by a sudden evening heavy shower on the way to the Vietnamese restaurant where six of us, all girls gathered to welcome Honami Kimura (4th year, Faculty of Global Studies) in Dublin, on August 12.
Honami san has finished her exchange program in DCU (Dublin City University) and returned to Japan at the end of May, but less than three months after, she came back to Ireland to participate in "Fleadh Cheoil" - an Irish traditional music festival, which will be held at the city of Drogheda in County Louth, north of Dublin.
Honami san is a talented musician. Last year (2018) she was a member of the "Toyotaro Ceili Band" and this time, she managed strict qualification in Japan in the solo button accordion division and will be part of Fleadh Cheoil 2019. She is the first Japanese musician to make this main round in the button accordion solo player section.

Profile of Honami Kimura as a musician can be found at:-

All of the Irish Sophians are enthusiastic about Honami san, who is flying around with her musical instrument. It was a fun and happy time to share with her.

In early August, Sophians Akiko Kidokoro and Mitsue Walker with many others came to my local village, Roundwood in County Wicklow. This year, Roundwood's summer festival continued to collaborate on "Yukata Experience" together with "Disaster Area Support Makenaizô-Towel Elephants project" that brings smiles to the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Both Yukata tryal and Makenaizô Elephants are very popular among the villagers in Roundwood.

From September, another 4 undergraduate students will be arriving to Dublin. We are all looking forward to meet them here.

Sachiko TANAKA
( Faculty of Foreign Studies, French Studies, 1982 )